Our bags are meticulously designed to complement your unique style, keeping you impeccably organized, and playfully elevating your fashion game while doing so.

Where did ANDI come from?

From NYC to work, school, and travel, Andrea Weinberg is the creative force behind ANDI. 

Her inspiration stems from her life on the move, and is anchored by an iterative refinement design process, dedicated to perfecting each silhouette to harmonize ease with aesthetic.

As an agile entrepreneur who spent many years in New York, she fused her refined design sensibility with the practical need for efficient, on-the-go city living, where one bag can carry everything from work essentials to gym gear and more. 

Now residing in Colorado with her family, Andrea continues to channel her unique authenticity into innovative projects for ANDI and beyond. For more insights and personal updates, you might find her personal blog, AmigaAndi, quite intriguing.

How do your bags make my life easier?

Each ANDI is designed to take the place of at least three other bags. Because less is more. Not having to change out your bag means more time, more energy, and more SPACE IN YOUR CLOSET AND HOME! We are here to make the most timelessly stylish, lasting, considerate, comfortable, and ease-inducing bags for your life on the move.

Product Philosophy

At ANDI, we embrace a design approach that breaks free from traditional conventions. Our process is guided by intuition, and refined iteratively to perfection. Our inspiration flows from the dynamic streets of New York City, a deep connection to nature's wonders, and a dedication to a minimalist lifestyle.
AUDACIOUSLY OUTLASTING - We invest in the development of recycled components and exclusive materials to craft our collections. The quality of our construction allows us to offer a Lifetime Manufacturer's Warranty.

What does the 'Delta A' represent

The Triangle Delta 'A' in ANDI derives from the Greek letter that means 'changing,' 'transformation.' To ANDI, it represents Strength (in construction), Transformation (ways to wear), and Circularity (zero-waste practices and commitments), which are the guiding principles for our creations.

What about Earth?

We see a clear win-win-win as a future-minded company. In 2022 we committed to cease production of virgin materials, thereby committing to using only orphaned, upcycled and 100% post-consumer recycled fabrics moving forward.

Vision for the future

What we’re really excited about is the scientific breakthroughs that exhibit the ability to turn textile waste (which makes up 40% of landfills) into performance-enhanced fabrics that can be infused with coding to break down (under very specific conditions that wouldn’t happen with everyday use) in 5 years as opposed to 1000+. We are actively collaborating with scientists to help bring about infrastructure to promote these advancements in every way possible.

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Community and Customer-Centric Focus

At ANDI, our community and customers are at the heart of everything we do. We deeply appreciate the exceptional loyalty and support we have received over the years from our customers, and we are committed to maintaining a strong bond with our community. We constantly seek and welcome feedback, and effort to provide excellent customer service. 

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Testimonials and User Stories

Our mission has always been about people and their experiences, rather than seeking larger profits or the attention of mass customers. This is what makes our community exceptional and deeply connected to us, just as much as we are to them. But don't just take our word for it—discover what our valued customers have to say about their experiences with ANDI.

Jessica Sierra
Quarantine Life

Firstly, sheesh!! Are you guys operating in my basement? I received my order so fast I thought the delivery guy was mistaken!

Now.. when I opened my box & saw my bags it was love at 1st sight 😍 I immediately unwrapped them & tried each one (3 of them) on in every which way that they can be worn! I wore the studio backpack to pick up a few necessities yesterday & my madrina instantly fell in love when she saw it (guess who's ordering her one 😉)

The style, the material, the authenticity, the QUALITY are all amazing!

Brittnee Sperling
Everything You Could Want in a Bag

I am now on my 4th Andi product and everything has been awesome. I have the Andi Original sized Uncamo as a diaper bag coupled with the fixed backpack strap and that has been the best decision ever. I decided to get a daily bag for myself and chose the Andi small and so far I love it as much as the Andi original. It holds a lot, is versatile, looks stylish and gets so many compliments, is light weight and water resistant! I have tested the water resistance the last week as its been pouring and everything inside is bone dry! The water bottle pockets are a nice feature too, I use them for my phones and keys so they don't float around the bag. Also a great feature for anything you want to stay put aside from water bottles.

Amanda West (The Bum Bag - Uncamo)
Another great bag from Andi!

I had been going back and forth on whether or not to buy this bag for a long, long time. I have Andi bags of all shapes and sizes. (I might actually have them all. Can you have too many? No.) I finally pulled the trigger because I wanted something that I would be able to use on my upcoming travels. I wanted something small and lightweight, but big enough to fit my small sketchbook, a few art supplies, and some everyday things like wallet, keys, and phone. I was a little doubtful I would be able to fit it all but, to my great surprise, it worked. This one is a keeper. I can’t wait to bring this with me to Kauai and Egypt.

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