the underlying fabric

uninhibited design

Instead of leaning on a traditional, technical design background, Andrea Weinberg's technique is rooted in the identification of intuition and then developed by way of an iterative refinement process.

Inspiration is drawn from the unique expression of the New York City streets, a deep appreciation for Earth's natural phenomena and a minimalist lifestyle.

the pulse of andi

designed for ease

We create stylish, durable pieces with details designed for ease and so we are worn by those who balance the productivity of their lives with the enjoyment of their lives.

gentle practices

earth and i

We use the most sustainable fabrics that we can find and employ processes in all aspects of our business that allow us to tread as lightly as possible on Earth.

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lifetime warranty

audaciously outlasting

We invest in the development of recycled components and exclusive materials to craft our collections. The quality of our construction allows us to offer a Lifetime Manufacturer's Warranty.

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We have been featured in premier publications for excellence in design and community initiatives.

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