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a precious nonchalance

There is a magical comfort in the random and colorful nature of these unique perfectly-sized accessories. Our Re:Pouch Sets and Re:Nanos exude a bold composure afforded by premium pre-loved materials paired with purposeful craftsmanship.

The Re:Pouches have become our go-to bag-to-bag companions (meaning, we hold our things in them that get transferred when we switch from one bag to another). Our Re:Nanos carry our AirPods and attach right onto our ANDIs via the Key Leash. We love them, because they are infused with an energy from adventures past and boast perfect imperfections while steadfastly performing their quintessential duty: securing our possessions.

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Re:Pouch Sets


ANDI fabrics that were part of old bags and “dead stock” material that was slated for landfill. Re:Pouch Zippers are YKK, so they are built to last.

Pre-loved ANDIs and development samples that aren’t viable to be donated are collected, cleaned and die-cut into squares, using all parts of the bag and then sewn together with their fun zips.

They keep ANDIs as well as additional deadstock fabric out of landfill. Instead of trash, these fabrics are turned into useful, water-resistant, washable pouches.

Their design is outside of the structured control of “this goes here and that goes there”. There is a magic in their unique colorful existence which comes together by chance and has a determination afforded by the durability from the parts that make them whole.

No two Re:Pouches are the same. This is because each Re:Pouch is made from a swatch of fabric from different parts of the original bag they came from.

9” width x 6” height, Re:Pouches come in a set of two and are ideal for carrying your wallet/keys/phone, makeup, chargers, or anything else that fits in a 9 x 6” zip pouch (times 2 because they come in a set!).

Purchasing a set of Re:Pouches is like playing in a “Lucky Dip”. Definition: luckydip is a game in which you take a prize out of a container full of hidden prizes. You don’t choose your Re:Pouches, they choose you.

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