A Collab with a Quantum Pop Artist

ANDI x Z Hovak

Welcome to the collaboration between Z Hovak, a renowned quantum pop artist, and ANDI.

Z's artistic journey began at age six, shaped by a blend of diverse cultural experiences and the challenges of displacement due to war. Her art, known for its vivid colors and quantum-inspired shapes, reflects a deep fascination with quantum physics and a commitment to animal welfare, inspired by her beloved pets Copper and Harley.

This collaboration represents a celebration of creativity, love, and positivity, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in this neon playground of quantum pop art.

the unique

Origami Shoppers

These innovative, foldable shoppers bring a new dimension to functional art, crafted from a selection of Z Hovak's captivating artwork. Each shopper is distinct, boasting designs that vary due to the diverse crop of the artist's pieces.

This collaboration not only offers a practical accessory but also a piece of portable art, ensuring that each shopper is not just a bag, but a one-of-a-kind artistic statement.

The fabrics and trim on the new Origami Shoppers are made with 100% post consumer recycled materials - because we are turning trash into art that further reduces trash. 

And that's not the only upgrade these new Shoppers boast. Check out the upleveled functionality and comfort.



Z Hovak has rapidly risen to prominence in the art world, renowned for her unique approach to quantum pop art.

Her vibrant and captivating works, infused with a blend of bright colors, quantum-inspired shapes, and a deep interest in mathematics and quantum physics, have garnered a passionate following. Hovak's art transcends traditional boundaries, reflecting her rich life experiences, including overcoming the challenges of war and displacement. Her commitment to animal welfare and the influence of her pets in her work add a deeply personal touch to her art. Z Hovak's popularity is not just due to her distinctive artistic style but also because of how she interweaves her life story and passions into every piece, resonating with a wide audience and making her one of the most exciting contemporary artists to follow.

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