JAM: Kristin simmons

Emotional Baggage

Moved by the beauty of self-expression, ANDI jams in creative session with Artist Kristin Simmons.

Marrying a vibrant palette of pop with provocative irony, this collaboration transcends the utility of a tote and gives rise to a stylized collection of wearable art.


Kristin Simmons (b. NYC)

Emotional Baggage, 2022

Unique and one-of-a-kind piece painted by New York City Artist Kristin Simmons, August 2022. Acrylic and Latex with Patch on The ANDI Large - Lavender Accent


Who says art should

only be seen?

We indulge in the beauty of Kristin's vibrant style and transcribe her work into a one-of-a-kind statement piece, thus allowing us to go beyond touching art, to wearing it.

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A statement

from the artist

"In working with the lightweight yet very spacious ANDI, I decided to play with traditional pop language; phrases that have become iconographic ways to emote.

It's okay to let people know how you're feeling. My hope is that this piece sparks joy and an openness not only in the person who wears it, but also in those who are seeing it."

- Kristin Simmons

we're all in this


In addition to making ANDIs, we exist to help as much as we can in every possible way. Our JAM with Kristin Simmons, which highlights the importance of emotional expression, is also an opportunity to give to those in need of support for their mental health needs. 

A portion of proceeds from the sale of this piece goes to Fountain House.

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A Limited Run from this collab is coming