The Origami Shopper

AKA "Reusable Bag" and "Origami Tote" - Inspired by the structure and foldability of the traditional brown paper bag, our Origami Shopper is the perfect shopping companion which doubles as a second bag for carrying extra stuff, a beach bag, and bringing food to a dinner party.

great "everything" bag!

This bag has come in handy for several different activities with our family, thinking about buying a few more! love it!

Perfect balance of structure and weight

This light weight tote bag is the perfect shopping bag. Folds up easy to be stored in a purse or day bag, but once unfolds can hold a lot of sh*t. The right size so you don't overload it, but still roomie enough to hold plenty of groceries, books, or whatever. Ideal for an afternoon at the farmers market. Grab more than one and replace all those non-washable or floppy canvas bags you currently use.

Best Grocery BAG!

I have had my eye on this bag since I discovered ANDI Bags and I should have ordered sooner. This is the BEST grocery bag. The bag sits flat when packing items, the two sizes of handles make it easy to carry and the bag is large without being bulky. This bag is everything! Also, the color is fun! Thank you for another fabulous product. I am an ANDI Bag user FOR LIFE!!!