In its very first trade show, ANDI is pleased to announce the success of its exhibition at Capsule Vegas.

"This was a very inspiring event for us" quoted representative Stephanie Vega, "it is very exciting to be showing our products among a group of such innovative and prestigious brands as well as a plethora of beautiful product".

In addition to laying groundwork for upcoming collaborations, ANDI established a network of global retailers and distributors, and received the first ANDI Purchase Order for Japan.

"Aside from receiving orders, the most valuable aspect of this experience for us has been learning - not only about the market, but about what we bring to the table", quoted ANDI's CEO Andrea Weinberg, "We exhibited a wide range of styles and colors at Capsule and the feedback that we received is that we have two specific collections that carry the greatest voice with the market. This is where we will be putting our focus in the future".


During a slow traffic part of the show, the ANDI team entertained attendees, demonstrating the strength of an ANDI bag by lifting an XL Signature ANDI with the company's CEO inside.