ETHICAL STANDARDS: We are committed to sustainable sourcing, and excellent working conditions for all of our employees, subcontractors, and partners. INNOVATION: We are unyielding in our quest to design and construct revolutionary products that are comfortable, durable, and sustainable. CONNECTION: We believe that everyone and everything is interconnected. By supporting our community in caring for both ourselves and for others, we can pave the way towards a better collective future. EMPOWERMENT: We work to lift our customers up, encouraging them to be the best possible versions of themselves while providing them with a first-rate customer experience. SELF-LOVE: We prioritize health, wellness and balance, and are dedicated to living our lives with joy, love and adventure.

We believe that community involvement and social impact is a core tenet of being good to ourselves. We partner with a variety of organizations, donating our time and resources in support of women, children and Earth.

If you are interested in getting involved in our upcoming programs, please email with subject “Social Impact”.