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$5 off discount

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Free Goodfair Preloved Tee

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$10 off discount

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$15 off discount

+ Goodfairian Gardener Status

1000 Points

$30 off discount

+ Sustainable Sensei Status

1200 Points

Vintage Tee

1500 Points

Facetime our CEO

3000 Points

Virtual Personal Shopping

5000 Points

Trip to HTX, Tour our HQ

VIP Tiers

ANDI Insider

$150 Annual Spend
  • 30% off first purchase
  • 1x point multiplier
  • Added to our "close friends" on IG
  • VIP discounts and bundle previews


$350 Annual Spend
  • 15% off every purchase
  • 1.5x point multiplier
  • Free shipping (one time)
  • 50 bonus points
  • VIP discounts and bundle previews

ANDI Elite

$550 Annual Spend
  • 25% off every purchase
  • 2x point multiplier
  • Free shipping (every purchase)
  • 100 bonus points
  • VIP discounts and bundle previews

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