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The concept for ANDI was imagined in 2010. Andrea Weinberg (aka Andi) was living in New York, studying part-time, working full-time, and keeping up with an extensive travel schedule, friends, and family. Andi dreamt of a bag that could carry her very full-life (and all her belongings).

Well-versed in human-focused design processes, Andi knows creating a versatile bag, requires versatile thinking. It’s taken over five years of work and over 100 iterations to create the brand that ANDI is today.

At ANDI, we believe being good to yourself starts with feeling empowered for whatever comes your way. ANDI’s transformative designs adapt to your lifestyle and match any schedule, so you can keep doing it all and then some! We work to constantly remind everyone—be good to yourself, kind to others, and that true happiness comes from taking care of our world.

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Whether you're going from the gym to the office, or from sunshine to rain, you shouldn’t have to change your bag. Your bag should change for you.

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