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”Buying in bulk” has such an ugly ring to it. Apocalyptic even. Not this time! ANDI large orders are anything but apocalyptic. In fact, they’re quite the opposite.

Reasons for Bulk Ordering Luxury Bags

There are lots of reasons why people need large orders for ANDI bags (and bag-adjacent things). Maybe someone has a really big fam and is ordering gifts for the holidays. Large companies and corporations love to show their employees and clients appreciation. Not all brides are bridezillas, and some like to treat their bridesmaids to luxury bachelorette party gifts. Same goes for grooms. The list goes on and on.

Corporate Gift Ideas for Employees

Large companies love providing their hard-working employees with corporate gifts (AKA swag). Sure, you could be a boss that gets your people the same ol’ same ol’ tees and water bottles and keychains. Or you could be a BOSS and gift your employees something they’ll love and actually use on the reg.

For those employees that go on business trips a lot, give them a corporate gift that makes sense, like The ANDI or a Duffel. Not only will these bags make traveling a breeze, but they look much better than a boring old briefcase.

Many employees work remotely or from their homes (especially these days) but would still love a tangible company ‘thank you’. Send remote employees a token of your appreciation in the form of an ANDI Backpack. Great for keeping tech safe and sound on the go with its padded laptop sleeve, and even more perfect for when work may need to move locations.

Branded Corporate Gifts for Clients

Want to show your current clients (and possible future clients) how appreciative you are? Give them something no one else will. Give them something useful and chic. Give them ANDI.

Show up to trade shows and exhibitions with branded corporate gifts that no one else will have. Add your logo to a Origami Tote. All of ANDI’s products are high-quality, long-lasting, and with the added company logo, corporate-chic.

Bachelorette Party Gifts That Last a Lifetime

Large orders don’t just have to be for large companies. A wedding is a special day of celebration, but the bachelorette and bachelor parties are where the actual fun happens (even if you don’t remember most of it). Don’t be a bridezilla (or groomzilla). Help make your special day memorable for you and your wedding party with luxury bachelor and bachelorette party gifts.

Are There Discounts for Large Orders?

At ANDI, we offer large order discounts starting at 20% off for orders of 20+ units. For those of you who don’t need to order quite so much but still want the personal shopping experience offered to larger orders, we’ll work with you to provide your wedding party, wedding guests, small business employees and clients, and other smaller groups the ANDI products they’ll love.