It took a big thinker and an adventurer at heart to come up with the idea behind ANDI. Andrea Weinberg aka Andi has always had a unique focus on smart design and the process of iterative prototyping (make, test, enhance, repeat).


I envisioned the original concept for ANDI one day on my couch, trying to think of a more effective alternative to the umbrella (it doesn’t even protect your bag!). Aside from panels that shift off of the top of buildings during rainstorms, I figured that we might as well have a “raincoat” for our handbags – this was the original blueprint for ANDI; a collapsible waterproof cover for another bag and its contents.

At the time, I was working full-time while also working toward my MBA, both of which required extensive travel around the world (not complaining). I was inspired by my good friend and mentor who had recently started his own line of menswear and had taken it from original concept to having his brand featured in Bergdorf’s. Immediately upon development of the first prototype, I realized that this lightweight and easy to carry nylon bag was not just for weather protection, but it was an ideal size, shape and makeup for everything that I had going on in my life at the time; work, school, travel, and most importantly, adventure and play. And so I refined ANDI accordingly, inspired by my own active and dynamic lifestyle as well as the support system that I had developed around the idea that I was manifesting; from friends to interested members of the community and a supportive manufacturing partner with a very talented pattern maker who seemed just as excited to build each functional iteration as I was.

Our products have come so far and it is my hope that your ANDI truly enhances your lifestyle by way of luxuriously comfortable and stylish support as well as excellent customer service and a mantra that is a constant reminder (BGTY!!!).

All of my love,